17 February 2009

Skin Deep by Armando Iannucci & David Sawer

Dr. Needlemeier a plastic surgeon - Geoffrey Dolton
Lania his wife - Janis Kelly
Donna his receptionist - Heather Shipp
Elsa his daughter - Amy Freston
Robert a villager - Andrew Tortise
Luke Pollock a Hollywood actor - Mark Stone
Susannah Dangerfield a reporter - Gwendoline Christie
Patient - Gillene Herbert
Donnalike - Sarah Blood
Robertalike1 - Nicholas Butterfield
Robertalike 2 Trevor Bowes

Directed by Richard Jones
Designed by Stewart Lang
Conducted by Richard Farnes

Seen in the second tier of Sadler's Wells on the first night in London.

Face-twistingly daft.
How can you resist a production with the motto 'Putting Right What Nature Got Wrong"' ? Even the is entertaining

Our seats were sufficiently far away that we were spared too much of the gory details but there really weren't any.
Two more links and the later takes you through the entire plot - though the meat of this piece is the dialogue and visual humour. I would love to know which word came to mind first when Mr Iannucci coupled 'supermodel' and 'twaddle'.

An hilarious evening best enjoyed as I did, with good friends.