13 February 2009

Every Good Boy Deserves Favour by Tom Stoppard and Andre Previn

The Teacher - Bronagh Gallagher
Sacha - Bryony Hannah
Ivanov - Toby Jones
Alexander - Joseph Millson
The Doctor - Dan Stevens
The Colonel - Alan Williams
Orchestra - Southbank Sinfonia

Directors - Felix Barrett and Tom Morris
Conductor - Simon Over
Designer - Bob Crowley

Seen at the the NT's Olivier in our new favourite seats virtually overhanging the side of the stage at half the price of the centre stalls.
I would so dearly love to see this again. The performances from the main cast are staggering. Toby is hilarious, Joseph is raw and heartbreaking, Dan is taut and dry (in a good way). The orchestra must pinch themselves every night that they are part of such a wonderful piece.

I have been loathe to take this out of the draft status because I can't find the right words. I am finally posting this nearly 2 weeks after I saw it. I watched the first 10 minutes again on a latecomers monitor the other night, just for the joy of it. I shall probably have to visit the archive to see it again.
For your further interesting reading, take a look at this bit from the Guardian and click around the NT link above.
Rehearsal & production - spot the difference.

I have now caught up with the reviews and they are mixed but many of the negative comments make me wonder if the press night was not as settled and fine tuned as when I saw it. I wanted to run on the stage and sit with the orchestra.