24 February 2009

Burnt By The Sun by Peter Flannery
(based on Mikhalkov & Ibragimbekov screenplay)

Vsevolod : Duncan Bell
Nadia : Skye Bennett
Little Girl/Pioneer Girl : Anna Burnett/ Floss Hoffmann/ Hattie Webb
Elena : Anna Carteret
Lidia : Rowena Cooper
Aronin : Marcus Cunningham
Maroussia : Michelle Dockery
Andrushya/Pioneer Officer : Michael Grady-Hall
Mironov : Colin Haigh
Pioneer Officer : Harry Hepple
Kotov : CiarĂ¡n Hinds
Mokhova : Stephanie Jacob
Ensemble : Anne Kavanagh
Mitia : Rory Kinnear
Ensemble : Victoria Lennox
Kolya/Pioneer Officer : Stuart Martin
Kirik : Tim McMullan
Olga : Pamela Merrick
Ensemble : Charlotte Pyke
Blokhin : Roger Ringrose
The Truck Driver : Tony Turner

Director: Howard Davies
Designer: Vicki Mortimer
At the Lyttelton in a last minute house seat at £ 10!

Eventful evening. Realised that David Hare is a fellow member of the 'secret free parking place' club in Waterloo. Caught Miranda Richardson running very late for Every Good Boy Deserves Favour but she made it in time. I laughed heartily at the latercomers monitor while I had a snack before my show. Jason Hughes was in the Benugo bar at the BFI.

Where do I begin with this one? Wonderful show and such a light touch from Mr Flannery. Performances were fantastic. I suppose I can see a few things that might adjust in the next few days as this was the first preview but I loved every moment. Set worked magnificently well too and all this for £10.

I suppose I should make special mention of the unendingly talented Mr Kinnear who sang, danced and dazzled with his wit and timing. I have longed to see Mr Hinds on the stage and he was everything I'd hoped he'd be. Dockers was like liquid porcelain with a double edge of sharp and heartbreaking delivery, Tim McMullan was gloriously funny & salacious.

A potentially grim piece glided across the 2 hours with ease and joy. I hope the cast had as much fun as I did.

I have spotted a trend:- Rory Kinnear + National Theatre = long haired wig in attempt to disguise himself from his mother.
Since I saw this in preview, here is a page of rehearsal shots to be going on with(click to enlarge) but I have since added some production shots. I should add some of the glowing reviews too.
Ciaran interview
Michael Billington @ The Guardian

and a wanky entry from The Guardian. Who says film fans and theatre fans are mutually exclusive?