06 January 2009

In a Dark, Dark House by Neil LaBute

Terry - David Morrissey
Drew - Steven Mackintosh
Jennifer - Kira Sternbach

Directed by Michael Attenborough
Designed by Lez Brotherston

Seen in it's UK premiere at the Almeida with nobody of note in the audience as far as I remember. We had cheaper side seats but were encouraged by the ushers to move into a more central seat.

First of all I would like to say two things:- Lez - I want to live in your set. Neil - do you mind that I have put a comma in the title?

Wonderful performances in the head-to-head two hander with a gorgeous interlude from Kira in the middle. When you watch Neil's work, you know there is going to be mental sadism and probably a sickening twist. I realise the production varies from night to night but I felt that a look from Terry in the first act was so pronounced that it brashly flagged up what might have been a plot twist at the end. Who knows if that happens every night.

The 'Talkback' on stage chat with the cast was very insightful and thankfully, there were very few daft questions from the audience and even those were treated with respect by those on stage.

I have so many more thoughts & hope I remember to come back when I find the bit of paper I wrote them on !!