10 January 2009

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Hamlet - David Tennant
Claudius - Patrick Stewart
Gertrude - Penny Downie
Ghost - Patrick Stewart
Polonius - Oliver Ford Davies
Laertes - Edward Bennett
Ophelia - Mariah Gale
Reynaldo - David Ajala
Horatio - Peter De Jersey
Rosencrantz - Sam Alexander
Guildenstern - Tom Davey
Marcellus- Keith Osborn
Barnado - Ewen Cummins
Francisco - Robert Curtis
Player King - John Woodvine
Player Queen - Ryan Gage
Lucianus - Ricky Champ
Prologue - Roderick Smith
Dumbshow King - Samuel Dutton
Dumbshow Queen - Jim Hooper
Dumbshow Poisoner - David Ajala
Gravedigger - Mark Hadfield
Second Gravedigger - Sam Alexander
Osric - Ryan Cage
Priest - Jim Hooper
Voltemand - Roderick Smith
Cornelia - Andrea Harris
Lady in Waiting - Riann Steele
Page - Zoe Thorne
Court Attendant - Samuel Dutton
Fortinbras - Robert Curtis
Captain - Roderick Smith

Directed by Gregory Doran and designed by Robert Jones
Beautiful seat in the Novello, London - G20
Celeb in the audience - Gregory Doran was there with Deborah Finlay, apparently Catherine Tate was there and we also saw Jonathan Pryce in the front row of the circle.

I am self conscious about writing any notes about this. I really enjoyed it because of some favoured elements and in spite of some loathed ones. Some very good stuff going on here.