18 January 2009

August: Osage County by Tracy Letts

Violet Weston - Deanna Dunagan
Barbara Fordham - Amy Morton
Bill Fordham - Jeff Perry
Beverly Weston - Chelcie Ross
Jean Fordham - Molly Ransom
Ivey Weston - Sally Murphy
Karen Weston - Mariann Mayberry
Mattie Fay Aiken - Rondi Reed
Charlie Aiken - Paul Vincent O'Connor
Little Charles - Ian Barford
Johnna Monevata - Kimberly Guerrero
Steve Heidebrecht - Gary Cole
Sheriff Deon Gibeau - Troy West

Directed by Anna D Shapiro & designed by Anna D Shapiro

Celeb in the audience - Danny Webb and someone else who I don't remember......must check my Tweet. P31

Not wishing to be too contravertial, this was a little too American for me. Lots of loud family angst and grandstanding. I'd love to see a more subtle translation of this piece and perhaps the film will achieve that. I'll get back to you on that in 2 years' time!

Wouldn't have missed it. Felt good to have seen some of the cast in the Christmas Quiz and I never missed an episode of Midnite Caller so there was a degree of satisfaction there, even if Mr Cole was underused (since he seemed to be one of the few members of the cast who brought the tv talent of underplaying to the production).

Glad I came. Glad I didn't have a top price seat. Wonderful functional set, by the way.