04 December 2008

Rain Man adapted by Dan Gordon

Charlie Babbitt - Josh Harnett
Raymond Babbitt - Adam Godley
Susan - Mary Stockley
Dr Bruener - Colin Stinton
Lucy/Waitress/Iris - Tilly Blackwood
Mr Mooney/Cop/Dr Marsden - Charles Dish

Directed by Terry Johnson
Designed by Jonathan Fensom
Brilliant half-price TKTS in the house row aisle!

Interesting adaptation. The opening scenes went on for far too long and I had a dread that the whole thing would follow the same course. However, not to take anything away from the lovely Mr Harnett, the whole thing took a turn for the better and tighter when Adam Godley entered. All the performances were adequate, Colin is always good, Josh was really fine and Adam was exceptional.

The set just scraped into the stylishly practical bracket but no more than that. I'm glad I saw this against my earlier better judgement.

I found it more difficult that usual to find a production photo. Lots of press and party stuff but nothing from the show so I have included my picture of the safety curtain.