19 December 2008

National Theatre Christmas Quiz - chaired by Emma Freud

........and the teams were:-

For Warhorse

Howard Ward
Bryony Hannah
Pieter Lawman
Alan Williams

For August, Osage County
Jeff Perry
Tracy Letts
Sally Murphy
Paul Vincent O'Connor
with help (or was it intervention?) from Rondi Reed

Scoremaster was Adam James from Gethsemane.

We sat in the middle of the third row thanks to Poly's punctual booking and enjoyed a good view only tempered by an annoying know-it-all sitting comfortably with his spectrum disorder a few seats away.

The Guardian took some of the easier questions and published them on-line for Christmas Day.

Given that the audience are only given the opportunity to answer when neither team can get the question right, I feel that a score of 17 was very respectable. Unlike last year when War Horse failed to score, both teams were neck and neck (forgive the further equestrian phrase) and since no tie breaker has ever been needed they both triumphed.

This year the quiz took an unusual form in order to make it a fair course for the Steppenwolf contingent. If it had taken the usual shape, Warhorse would have barely needed to break into a trot.

Wonderful, silly fun and we all love Adam James and his ability to gently pop up in everything at the moment.