06 December 2008

Gethsemane by David Hare

Lori Drysdale - Nicola Walker
Mike Drysdale - Daniel Ryan
Frank Pegg - Pip Carter
Otto Fallon - Stanley Townsend
Meredith Guest - Tamsin Greig
Suzette Guest - Jessica Raine
Monique Toussant - Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Geoff Benzine - Adam James
Alec Beasley - Anthony Calf

Directed by Howard Davies
Designed by Bob Crowley

This had me from the moment Nicola Walker said she was in the group without a book (referring to all the groups of people who live their lives according to what is written in a book). Echos of Now Or Later in a UK style but with a broader sweep to fill more than two hours.

This has far more to say than The Vertical Hour and it tells it a lightening pace. Wonderful performances from everyone. It seemed ages before Anthony Calf made his entrance (and your bum's getting a bit big now, Anthony - get back on that bike).

Loved the simplicity of the set, loved my seat and just loved the whole thing. Pip Carter was wonderful but it seems crazy to single one person out. I guess I meant that Pip's performance in a fairly small role, was of note. I was sad that Stanley didn't use his native accent but it slipped in a couple of times. He is so charismatic. Tamsin was fabulous and wore some killer wardrobe.