23 August 2008

Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare and Thomas Middleton

Timon - Simon Paisley Day
Poet/Caphis - Michael Matus
Printer/Creditors' Servants - Michael Jibson
Merchant/Servilius, Timon's Servant - Christopher Brandon
Jeweller/Flaminius, Timon's Servant - Peter Bankole
Messenger/Sepronius/Bandit - Sam Parks
Old Athenian/First Senator/Creditors' Servant - Robert Goodale
Lucilius, A Servant/Lucius/Bandit - Jonathan Bond
Apermantus - Bo Poraj
Flavius, Timon's Steward - Patrick Godfrey
Alcibiades - Gary Oliver
Alcibiades's Friend/Creditors' Servant/Bandit - Vinicius Salles
Lucullus/Bandit - Adam Burton
Ventioius/Bandit - Oliver Boot
Second Senator/Creditors' Servants - Richard Clews
Third Senator - Frank Scantori
Cupid - Fernanda Prata
Phrynia - Pippa Nixon
Timandra - Laura Rogers
Amazon - Bethan Walker
Amazo - Sian Williams

Directed by - Lucy Bailey
Designed by William Dudley

If I was going to see this anywhere, the best chance I had of getting any form of enjoyment would be by seeing it at The Globe and I was not disappointed. It should have been dull and hard going but largely due to the contributions from Bo Poraj, Simon Paisley Day and Patrick Godfrey it was tragic fun.

Attended the very interesting Talking Theatre Q&A with Bo and Patrick afterwards. More late?