12 August 2008

Her Naked Skin by Rebecca Lenkiewicz

Celia Cain - Lesley Manville
William Cain - Adrian Rawlins
Eve Douglas - Jemima Rooper
Florence Boorman - Susan Engel
Mrs Schliefke - Pamela Merrick
Emma Wilding Davidson - Zoe Aldrich

House of Commons
Herbert Asquith - David Beames
Miss Brint - Harriet Quarrie
John Seely - Julian Ball
Augustine Birrell - Ken Bones
Edward Grey - Simon Markey
Keir Hardie - Robert Wilcox

Holloway Prison
Potter - Tony Turner
Mrs Briggs - Stephanie Jacob
Doctor Vale - Dermot Kerrigan
Doctor Parker - Nick Malinowski
Nurse - Erica Daly
Young Nurse - Stephanie Thomas
Wardress - Ruth Keeling
Guard - Edward Newborn
Guard - Joe Dunlop

Charlie Power - Gerard Monaco
Hunt - Julien Ball
Brown - Tony Turner
Doctor Klein - Ken Bones
Mrs Collins - Deborah Winckles
Lord Curzon - David Beames
Robert Cecil - Robert Wilcox
Mrs Major - Barbara Kirby
Felicity - Anna Lowe

Directed by Howard Davies
Designer - Rob Howell

Seen on a silly cheapie standby during it's premiere run at the Olivier with Anastasia Hille in the audience

Well, that's a nice bunch of actors in gainful employment for the rest of Summer and beyond!
Lovely, outwardly simple design that perfectly served the action so a big tick in that box. Performances were well measured and it's my own fault for grabbing a cheapie that I did not become fully involved in this tale of suffragette love. The centre section went wild at the curtain call. I had an instructive view of the Elysian Quartet who must be bored stupid with their sporadic insertion of one and two note tones. They sounded beautiful but so sparsely used.