05 August 2008

Afterlife by Michael Frayn

Max Reinhardt - Roger Allam
Helene Thimig - Abigail Cruttenden
Gust Adler - Selina Griffiths
Rudolf 'Katie" Komer - Peter Forbes
Franz - Glyn Grain
THe Prince Archbishop of Salzburg - David Burke
Fredrich Mueller - David Schofield
Everyman - Nicholas Lumley
Ensemble - Devid Baron, Colin Haigh, Sarah Head, Elizabeth Marsh, Charlotte Melia, Hugh Osborne, Peter Prentice, Clair Winsper,
Rupert Young.

Directed by Michael Blakemore and designed by Peter Davidson

I saw Anthony Calf in the cafe but not sure if he was there to see a play or even which one.
Great stanby seat E 16

Hmmmm - this is not a new idea, it's just been updated but did we really need it to be? Much was lost in the 'rewrite' and I have a ghastly feeling that after however many weeks the cast have been performing it, they had finally realised that it is impossible to sustain a level of passion for such writing.

I was drawn to this by both Frayn and Allam. I left with quite a large amount of deflation and a sense of let-down. Whilst I was not actually aware of any specifics, I had the impression that the cast were introducing things to amuse themselves in order to get through the night in one piece. I hate to damn these people in all their hard work but it seemed as though little effort was being made here tonight.

Small point - I understand the device of the hair change for Reinhardt but that orange thing Roger sported for most of the show was distractingly annoying and I'm pretty sure that attached picture is from pre-citric rehearsals

Set design was wonderfully simple and had great mechanics.