10 March 2008

Scarborough - Fiona Evans

Lauren - Holly Atkins
Daz - Jack O'Connell
Aiden - Daniel Mays
Beth - Rebecca Ryan

Directed by Deborah Bruce
Designed by Jo Newberry

Bagged two different perches for each half. First one was on the pillar right next to the bedside table and then on the sideboard by the door.
Actor in the audience: BIFA nominated, Stephen Graham and can I also add Actor in the Bar but not a member of this cast: Benedict Cumberbatch?

My understanding is that the original format was just the first half with Lauren and Daz, performed in an hotel room in Edinburgh. I can't help wondering how they got around certain by-laws if they actually charged people to come and see it but that is of no matter. Really good play and brave work by all the actors involved. This is where they should have staged My Child IMO but we only had 50 people in the audience so I guess the cash wouldn't have worked out.

A special experience but I wonder if I would bother to see this if it was staged in a more regular format.

It was wonderful to see the same idea approached from each gender's point of view and the actors were using virtually identical lines but expressing them in such different ways. There were complete black-outs to denote new acts and during the first half, the black out played Imogen Heap's Hide & Seek almost in it's entirety. It was wonderful to listen to that in the complete darkness but knowing the room was full of 50 odd people!