08 March 2008

Artefacts by Mike Bartlett

Kelly - Lizzy Watts
Susan - Karen Ascoe
Ibrahim - Peter Polycarpou
Faisa - Mouna Albakry
Raya - Amy Hamdoon

Directed by James Grieve and designed by Lucy Osborne

seen during it's premiere run at The Bush. Unreserved seating gave us wonderful seating.

A really powerful play with a great role for the energetic young Lizzy Watts. A play for our time on what seems to be Mike's usual theme of broken and extended families and the interaction between all parties involved. This time, a single mother finally tells her daughter that her father is from Iraq. It transpires that her father has a wife and another daughter in Iraq and is the curator of the national museum. It's really a sounding board for another view on the state of this decimated country.

Interesting to see Peter Polycarpou in a role where he isn't singing. You can read more here.

The delay in the start time gave us a great chance to read all the testimonials from people wanting to save the Arts Council grant.