29 March 2008

Baby Girl by Roy Williams

Jose: Nicole Charles
Richie: Troy Glasgow
Yvette: Claire Lams
Samantha: Petra Letang
Kelle: Candassaie Liburd
Danielle: Apaiketuya Marchant
Nathan: Winston Sarpong
Josie - Nicole Charles

Directed by Paul Miller
Designed by Simon Daw

At the Cottesloe in it's first run E23
Celeb in the audience: Sinead Cussack

Roy writes such wonderfulpieces for teenagers but the very nature of them can fall apart when the cast is not up to scratch. This cast was amazing with particular mention for Candassaie Liburd.

A 13 year old girl, Kelle tells her 26 year old Mum that she is pregnant. It happened because of peer pressure about being a virgin. The father's brother, Richie is the local stud and has fathered several children before reaching the age of 18 but senses a meaningful relationship developing with Josie but is cautious about progressing it. When he finally takes the plunge, Kelle's Mum has managed to discover the father's identity but confronts Richie in an effort to find his brother thereby exposing the family weakness.

A perfectly simple construction of a complicated situation that is well resolved.

I was amused by an interaction between Kelle and her mother Samantha which revolved around Wentworth Miller. An interesting choice of actor to include but all the more funny because I was going to meet a friend of a friend who was a big fan of his. I notice that the original text cited a different actor.

Please have a look at the little film on the NT website