24 January 2008

Talking Dirty edited by Clare Lizzimore

Man - John Marquez
Mother/Proprietor - Susan McGoun
Martha Warren? - Nina Sosanya
Caroline - Charity Wakefield

Rehearsed reading directed by Clare Lizzimore who assembled & edited these soundbytes together
during the Rough Cuts season at the Royal Court

Hmmm - well, I didn't like The Girlfriend Experience by Alecky Blythe in last Summer's Rough Cuts. It's not that I don't like using soundbyte's like that because I really loved Gambling by Matt Hartley last week.

As with The Girlfriend Experience, Talking Dirty was a collection of lines gleaned from interviews and in this case it was with cleaning woman. At least the performances were easier to watch in this one - in fact the cast were wonderful given how dull the subject matter was. It didn't really say anything that made me want to listen. The only thing that made me concentrate was my respect for the actors. Word must have got around because this was the only one I've been to that had several empty seats.

Ah well - I guess I would rather have seen the dull one first but at least it was short. Half the audience were grumpy on entry because they didn't want us to stay in our seats while they moved a few props onto the floor so we all had to troop out and downstairs again. Stupid, affected and quite possibly and unnecessary fire risk

This time, they didn't ask us for feedback.