31 January 2008

Happy Now? by Lucinda Coxon

Michael - Stanley Townsend
Kitty - Olivia Williams
Johnny - Jonathan Cullen
Miles - Dominic Rowan
Bea - Emily Joyce
Carl - Stuart McQuarrie
June - Anne Reid

Directed by Thea Sharrock
Designed by Joanthan Fensom

Seen during it's premiere run at the Cottesloe. B 24

I made a terrible mistake with the tickets because we were in the front row and the stage was about 18 inches higher than normal to accomodate a turntable.

I adore Stanely Townsend. I suppose it's his cheeky voice and bear of a body. There is something very relaxed about watching him (and I hated that awful tv series he did last year). He comes onto the stage and made me grin for the duration of his seduction. I kept my hands cupped in case I needed to catch one of his eyes but I do love him.

The cast were fabulous. With the exception of Jonathan Cullen (who I couldn't place) I have enjoyed everyone else on stage before and they seem very much at home there.

A fabulous piece of writing to challenge Polly Stenham. I am going to see the Lucinda and Thea discuss the piece tonight so I may write more later.