21 December 2007

Present Laughter by Noel Coward

Daphne Stillington - Amy Hall
Miss Erikson - Anny Tobin
Fred - Tony Turner
Monica Reed - Sarah Woodward
Garry Essendine - Alex Jennings
Liz Esssendine - Sara Stewart
Roland Maule - Pip Carter
Henry Lyppiatt - Simon Wilson
Morris Dixon - Tim McMullan
Joanna Lyppiatt - Lisa Dillon
Lady Saltburn - Frances Jeater

Directed by Howard Davies
Set Designer - Tim Hatley

During it's run at the Lyttleton on Theatre Quiz Night - E21
Celebrity in the audience.......hmmmm - well Richard Curtis and family were there to support Emma for the Quiz

Almost as much fun as The Country Wife and if I'm honest, slightly less silly, in a good way. Wonderful performances all round and such a great story arc for a farce. Just the perfect thing for the Friday before Christmas.