07 August 2007

In Celebration by David Storey

Steven - Orlando Bloom
Mr Shaw - Tim Healy
Mrs Burnett - Lynda Baron
Mrs Shaw - Dearbhla Molloy
Andrew - Paul Hilton
Colin - Gareth Farr
Reardon - Ciaran McIntyre

Directed by Anna Mackmin
Designed by Lez Brotherston

At the Duke of York in an average seat surround by noisy people but the second half was nearer the front and in the middle - J3

Brilliant play with a wonderful cast. Sadly, my deepest fears about Orly were realised to a greater degree than I had thought. He just stood there like a plank and recited his lines. He knew where to move to but no more than that. He's playing Steven so he can get away with that for a certain amount of the time but he looked like a petrified observer throughout. He had no idea how to occupy himself in a naturalistic way. This was made all the more obvious by the wonderful performances from his stage father and brothers. They were exceptional and I completely forgot I was in a matinee (especially by the time I had moved seat).

Go see the play and just don't be too hard on Orly. It's not his fault he was robbed of his learning curve.