21 August 2007

Absurdia - see below

A Resounding Tinkle by N.F. Simpson

Middie Paradock - Judith Scott
Bro Paradock - Peter Capaldi
Uncle Ted - Lyndsey Marshal
Vicar's Voice - John Hodgkinson

Gladly Otherwise by N. F. Simpson

Mrs Brandywine - Judith Scott
Mr Brandywine - Peter Capaldi
Man - John Hodgkinson

The Crimson Hotel by Michael Frayn

Bibette's Voice - Judith Scott
Pilou - Peter Capaldi
Lucienne - Lyndsey Marshal
Dodine's Voice - - John Hodgkinson

Directed by Douglas Hodge
Designed by Vicki Mortimer

This collection see at the Donmar Warehouse on Supporters Night - B7

Celeb in the audience: sweet faced boy from The Thick of It

I laughed uncontrollably and shook the benches during A Resounding Tinkle. Gladly Otherwise didn't do so much for me but The Crimson Hotel was more clever than funny. A very smart ensemble and we were treated to a wonderful post show discussion so that I could bask in the multiple talents of Douglas Hodge . Gawd, I adore that boy. He helped compose the music too, you know.