14 November 2006

A Moon for the Misbegotten by Eugene O'Neill

Josie - Eve Best
Mike - Eugene O'Hare
Phil - Colm Meany
Jim - Kevin Spacey
Stodder - Billy Carter

Directed by Howard Davies
Designed by Bob Crowley

In the middle of it's acclaimed run at the Old Vic during the Autumn of 2006

Once again, I made the mistake of thinking that front of Dress Circle seats would be brilliant in this theatre and they are not. It's just too far away for an intimate production like this. Oddly enough, I think it might have worked better for me at the Olivier because of the nature of not being so removed from the audience.

I know I was supposed to adore this and whilst enjoying it I couldn't get past the sense of removal. I wanted to feel more of what was going on but couldn't. It was obvious from the reaction at front of stalls, there was a connection with them that most of us missed.

The performances were glorious and I can't deny that there was much to enjoy but I felt as though I'd missed the full emotional experience.