08 November 2006

The Cryptogram by David Mamet

John - Oliver Coopersmith
Del - Douglas Henshall
Donny - Kim Cattrall

Directed by Josie Rourke
Designed by Peter McKintosh

The programme says 'first presented a the Donmar Warehouse on 12th October' but I don't know if that means it's the first time here. I suspect not.

An intense play about ..........hah! you won't catch me out like that!! A very complicated piece. I wish I'd written this as soon as I got home because we were treated to an on-stage discussion afterwards from the cast and crew. I guess to me it was about honesty versus tact, loyalty versus self preservation & liberal parently versus implied restrictive parenting.

The young boy had an enourmous task on his hand and he rose to it admirably. This is one of Mamet's more forced recitals. The dialogue is so unnatural and persistantly loaded with pointed prods. It can only be endured if the cast are exquisite and happily these were. I must admit to throwing away all my preconceptions of Ms Cattrall's shallow talents. She was wonderfully measured.