27 July 2006

tamasha new writing showcase

I could address all four reading seperately as they were all so wonderful but since they were not full productions I don't think it's appropriate.

Four writers were give a brief to write for a maximum of three characters, no longer than 15 minutes and all to take place in one day.

The wonderful cast of readers included Tony Jaywardena, Krupa Pattani, Vinny Dhillon, Lucy Adams, Phillip Elvy and Dione Inman,

The pieces were:-

Babe by Mina Maisuria, directed by Amman Brar
Up Down by Sonia Likhari, directed by Poonam Brah
Silence in Golden by Alan Jones, directed by Amman Brar
Gollywog by Nina Patel, directed by Poonam Brah

Performed at the Michael Frayn room in the Hampstead Theatre

A wonderful and hilarious evening with sharp wit and great performances.

Three of the plays were based around the public perceptions and cliches surrounding the Asian community and the final reading was a really clever exploration of a supposed conversation between Enid Blyton and Gollywog.