05 July 2006

Eh Joe by Samuel Beckett

Joe - Michael Gambon
Woman's Voice - Penelope Wilton

Directed by Atom Egoyan
Designed by Eileen Diss

During it's short run at the Duke of York's Theatre
First live production of this in the UK. The production premiered in Dublin in April 06

Joe sits on the side of his bed and allows the woman he 'loved' to tell him of all the terrible things he has done to her.

The most intense 30 minutes you are likely to spend in the theatre this summer. I've hopefully included that picture to set the scene. Penelope Wilton's voice is almost unrecognisable as she inhabits the Beckett tone, continually questioning Joe's motives and he flinches and sickens at her words. We see the great Gambon in profile but his full frontal face is caught on closed circuit camera and projected as we listen and watch this grotesque yet pathetic figure having his faults laid out before us.

Once again mesmerised by Michael's beautiful, graceful and expressive hands.
I long to see this again but doubt I will have the time....as a silly note.....if you look at my other Blogger recording my film notes you will see a picture in the snow. It is a shot of none other than Atom Egoyan, the director of this piece.