19 July 2006

On the Third Day by Kate Betts

AKA "The Play's the Thing"

Young Claire - Daniella Wilson
Jesus/Waiter - Benjamin Wilkin
Claire - Maxine Peake
Mike - Paul Hilton
Young Robbie - Jordan Clarke
Robbie - Tom McKay
Elvis - Tom Silburn

Directed by Robert Delamere
Designed by Mark Thompson

See towards the end of it's first and probably on run at the New Ambassador's Theatre

A bit of a muddle of a play. This needs so much more work and I suspect there might be something good in there but a novice writer needs time to work on this and from I could tell from the tv show that sporned it, she didn't have that.

The cast did the best they could with the script and the designed excelled himself. Kate should be overjoyed at such attention but it's not there yet.

Children lose their parents at an early age and the little girl finds solace in the heavens and Jesus. There is confusion (to me)over whether we are watching two parallel existances or whether the children also died.

So many very serious issues are covered in this piece but it shouts 'inexperience' at you from the very first and frankly labourious scene.

The audience were divided. A small house seemed to be willing them to do well but about a quarter of them had no respect whatsoever. Phones going off, late arrivals taking several minutes to sort themselves out once they had sat down. Talking during the performance and that awful thing where someone misguidedly thinks that buy russling a bag to open a sweet reeeeaaaallly slowly will somehow make it less intrusive, when the opposite is true. All the things I hate so the production did well to rise above that!