26 April 2006

Rainbow Kiss by Simon Farquhar

Shazza - Dawn Steele
Keith - Joe McFadden
Murdo - Clive Russell
Scobie - Graham McTavish

Directed by Richard Wilson
Designer - Dick Bird

at the Royal Court Upstairs

A very intense piece, powerfully presented. A young man from a middle class background lives in a terrible high rise flat with his young baby. The mother has been institutionalised and he is left to survive but cannot cope. The last thing he needs is to find himself head-over-heels in love but who can protect against that? Unhappily for him, the object of his desire was born on the downside of luck and has climbed to the dizzy heigths of drug pusher's fiance. Furthermore, she is only after sex and is scared by any real emotional attachment.

Our hero finds friendship in his suicidal neighbour but falls fowl of a money lender. It's all tough stuff and does not offer any relief until the end...............but not everyone will see that as relief. The women behind me were a little slow on the uptake and yet seemed proud that they'd worked out the ending 10 seconds before it came (unlike the rest of the audience who realised/suspected at the beginning of the scene!).

I went on a night when there was an aftershow talk which was great. A very uncompromising piece and brave for the cast.

It worked for me.