06 April 2006

My Name is Rachel Corrie

Written by the late Rachel Corrie.
Edited and directed by Alan Rickman

Performed by Megan Dodds.

New York's loss is London's gain. I missed this during it's run at the Royal Court but a political hoo-ha in New York has prevented this award winning piece transferring so it is playing for six weeks in The Playhouse Theatre by Hungerford Bridge.

A student from Olympia, Washington goes to Gaza to help mediate and assist with the displaced people and is mown to death by a bulldozer. This is a compilation and recitation of Rachel's diaries and emails during that period.

This should have been an hour long - such is the stamina required by the solo artiste. In order to tell the story with full perspective (including anecdotal references to Rachel's childood relationship with her parents) nearly two hours are required. Megan's performance is a masterpiece as she holds the passion and reportage throughout. Two thirds of the way through she breaks into the most beautiful singing at a time when her voice ought to be on it's last legs. She has about four swigs of water in the last quarter but other than that she seems to be running on honey and oil.

I will admitt I only previously noticed Megan as she dared to seduce my lovely Matthew Macfadyen in Spooks (MI5) but I was lucky enough to see her back at the Royal Court last month as she took the Munroe part for Insignificence in the rehearsed reading series. I have therefore seen her close up and she is stunning.........of that type. I now have enormous respect for her.