21 April 2006

Endgame - Samuel Beckett

Hamm - Kenneth Cranham
Clov - Peter Dinklage
Nagg - Tom Kickey
Nell - Georgina Hale

Directed by Charles Sturridge
Designed by Eileen Diss

at the Barbican Theatre during the Beckett Centenary season

I had to negotiate with a man who was sitting in my seat when I arrived. It turned out that he WAS in the right seat but shold have turned up the day before. I felt very sad for him because like me, they had chosen good seats. I noticed that there were two spare seats right behind me yet I'm guessing they were given rather poor seats nearer the back. Enough..

The production was so wonderful. It was funny.......well paced (meaning just as slow as it should have been) and the performances were perfect. It looked good and I just wanted it to go on and on.