30 October 2010

Design For Living by Noël Coward

Otto - Tom Burke
Grace Torrence - Nancy Crane
Matthew - Edward Dede
Gilda - Lisa Dillon
Photographer - Matthew Gammie
Mr Birkbeck/Henry Carver - John Hollingworth
Miss Hodge - Maggie McCarthy
Leo - Andrew Scott
Helen Carver - Maya Wasowicz
Ernest Friedman - Angus Wright

Director - Anthony Page
Designer - Lez Brotherston

Seen mid-run at the Old Vic.

Bloomin' hilarious & I got in for free!

Once you get past the silly hoity toity stuff, it's so contemporary. The set was incredible and when the drapes revealed the New York skyline the audience gave a round of applause....in a matinee!

In fact, the audience were really good and the cast were sexy.