29 April 2010

Posh by Laura Wade

Jeremy - Simon Shepherd
Alistair Ryle - Leo Bill
Rachel - Fiona Button
Toby Maitland - Jolyon Coy
Hugo Fraser-Tyrwhitt - David Dawson
George Balfour - Richard Goulding
Harry Villiers - Harry Hadden-Paton
Ed Montgomery - Kit Harington
Dimitri Mitropoulos - Henry Lloyd-Hughes
Charlie - Charlotte Lucas
Guy Bellingfield - Joshua Mcguire
James Leighton-Masters - Tom Mison
Miles Richards - James Norton
Chris - Daniel Ryan

Directed by Lyndsey Turner & Designed by Anthony Ward.

Seen in the Jerwood Downstairs at the Royal Court Theatre. Anthony Horowitz, Toby Jones, Nick Hytner, Rupert Friend and Keira Knightley in the audience.

I saw this in it's raw state a couple of years ago during the Rough Cuts season. It had a wonderful cast and romped along in a manner that could have caused me to wonder about a full expansion being too loose but the material is rich and rattles along at a wonderful speed. It could have been a smug dig and I have to say I do question some of the character names but a quick glance at the double-barrelled actors names puts paid to any concern I should have there. Mr Shepherd is annoyingly smug and self-important but I guess that's the intention. Daniel Ryan was heartbreaking.

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