19 September 2009

The Seagull Project by The Factory

Bailiff’s Daughter – Bailey
Teacher – Max
Servant – Faye
Brother – Jonno
Son – T’Evans
Girl – Katie Morgan
Bailiff’s Wife – Liz
Doctor – Simon
Bailiff – Paul
Actress – Fed
Writer – Alex

MC – Bedi
Thoughts – Pavli

You can find more comprehensive details about the cast here. In the Michael Frayn space at the Hampstead Theatre.

A contemporary interpretation of The Seagull in the style that The Factory have made their own. A charming by-product is that they write their own reports from the show.

I'm glad my usual theatre companion wasn't with me because her reaction to on-stage breakages is more invasive than mine and I was very disturbed by the glass fragments dispersed around the performance area tonight. A limp attempt to clear some of it was made but there were girls in sandals on the front row (stage level) whose toes were dangling right over a bunch of shards and it distracted me for much too long.

This doesn't yet have the brio of the Hamlet production and there was little of the casting games or prop fun to be had. It was all adequately handled and some easy laughs were wriggled out of the main characters but it fell a little flat for me. I may return to it a little further down the line.