27 September 2009

A Life in Three Acts by Bette Bourne & Mark Ravenhill

Bette Bourne

DIrected by Mark Ravenhill

Celeb in the audience - Fenella Fielding, of course.

This was a presentation of selected conversations between Mark and Bette. I don't know if I went on a bad night but I found Mark's interventions way too contrived - and this from a man I put on such a high pedestal. Bette was wonderfully entertaining but reverted to music hall style, audience goading a little more than I find acceptable these days. The audience lapped it up and I did have the sense that I was witnessing something wonderful and fragile.

and a performance that I am particularly annoyed to have missed as reviewed by the adorable Whingers.

I'm going to round these notes off with a little vid