19 June 2009

a thought in three parts by Wallace Shawn

Summer Evening
David - Rory Kinnear
Sarah - Katherine Parkinson
Narrator - Stephen Dillane

The Youth Hostel
Dick - Christian Contreras
Helen - Daisy Lewis
Judy - Emily McDonnell
Bob - Andrew Garfield
Tom - Nicholas Burns
Narrator - Rory Kinnear

Mr Frivolous
Mr Frivolous - Stephen Dillane

This rehearsed reading was directed by Caryl Churchill downstairs in the Royal Court during their Wallace Shawn season.

Once again, I'd like to link a funny little website that has a few notes about the play from whence I gleaned this lovely quote
The 1977 London production was visited by a vice squad, and led to calls in the House of Lords to stop government funding for the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Andrew Gardfield was wearing self-consciously different socks. He's so out-there.
Katherine's voice is less annoying when she's doing the accent stuff and it actually seemed entirely appropriate in this case. Thought she was super and Emily McDonnell's kiddie voice is enough to test anyone so I was pleased that my aural apprehension was not founded.
As usual, I enjoyed watching the people who weren't performing. Stephen Dillane chuckled quite a lot and the others looked nervous, most of the time......and not without reason.
Nicholas Burns was underused but that's nobody's fault.
Rory still hypnotises me and I really don't know why. I want to pick him up and pop him in my pocket for later.
I've not been aware of Christian Contreras before but I shall certainly keep an eye out for him in future.
Hopelessly entertaining afternoon again. Flying in the face of 'No Sex Please, We're British' like thwack from a wet towel.