12 June 2009

Our Late Night by Wallace Shawn

Samantha - Megan Dodds
Jim - Mark Gatiss
Tony - Tom Hollander
Kristin - Jenny Jules
Lewis - Peter McDonald
Grant - Andrew Scott
Annette - Jennifer Tilly

Director - Tom Cairns

A rehearsed reading during the Shawn season at the Royal Court.

Here are some informative notes to be read from when this play was produced in London almost ten years ago. A sweet, old fashioned website but it still does the trick.

Gatiss perfectly cast because he was just doing what he always does.......really well.
Megan maybe just a little too stony & did she mean to fart as she bent over?
Not enough Andrew Scott but he had a great opening scene.
Tony's sexual conquest monologue was staggering in both word and performance.
Grant's disclosure was very uncomfortable but perfectly balanced by Tony's disgust.

I'm going to link a little site which has brief descriptions of all Wally's work.
For the second time, I thought I saw Joan Plowright making her way out of the theatre.
Sadly, there are rarely photos available from rehearsed readings.