20 June 2008

Relocation by Anthony Neilson

Connie Johnson- Frances Grey
Katie Novak - Molly
Kerry Balfour/Connie Johnson - Nicola Walker
Liam/Umbrella Man - Stuart McQuarrie
John/Johan - Phil McKee
Marjorie Charles - Jan Pearson

Directed by Anthony Neilson
Designed by Mirium Buether

If Anish Kapoor were to turn his hand to set design, he may well have come up with this set in his early sketches. Darker than dark with an infinite black hole from whence the cast emerge and a front lit screen (who knew that rope lights could achieve so much?) for those slightly more brutal scene changes.

I really did think I had the hang of the plot and then a few curve-balls whizzed past my ear and I had to think again. Was it all a dream, a coma, a nightmare or a harsh mind tricking reality? Were we watching other dimensions fighting for authority or a ghost story unravelling itself? it would help if a playtext was available but there was none. They rather cheekily sold a leaflet for £1 which told you no more than you could find out in Wiki about the creative forces involved.

Lovely to hear Nicola singing again and she seemed to be carrying a bump not visible in Cloud Nine. Some very funny lines that were eerie enough to make you wonder if you should laugh. Yet another seating configuration to test my 'where's the window' game. Familiar faces in the audience but none I could name.
So much to think about and a very slick production. At last I know what a real dick-head looks like!

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