18 June 2008

The Country by Martin Crimp

Corinne - Federay Holmes
Rebecca - Jennifer Kidd
Richard - David Shelley

Directed by Simon Godwin
Designed by Rhys Jarman

Seen in the wilds of Chiswick at the tiny Tabard Theatre (above the pub) on a wonderful summer evening and on a whim.

When we saw The City at The Royal Court we chose the night of the post show talk. The Country was referred to a couple of times and this really is a companion piece. The characters do not relate but in both cases they are dealing with their environment and the effect it has on relationships. The performances in this piece were amazing and every bit as good (and well directed) as you might see on one of the higher profile indie stages further east.

The Tabard is a lovely intimate space with all the intimacy of The Bush and with the added bonus of a nice summer pub and garden (not to mention a wicked kebab house almost next door).

Our couple have moved from the city for reasons too awful to be discussed. They are trying to make a life in the country and unlike The City, we don't actually meet the child but there IS a counterpart for the neighbour and there is also much talk about (and to, via the telephone) of the co-worker. This really is like a concave mirror to The City and serves to cement my already high esteem for Mr Crimp and his prodigious mop of hair. Is there some connection between me thinking of their vast grey hair first when I hear the names of both recent Seagull translators, Crimp and Hampton?