13 March 2007

Treats by Christopher Hampton

Ann - Billie Piper
Patrick - Laurence Fox
Dave - Kris Marshall

Directed by Laurence Boswell
Designed by Jeremy Herbert

seen during it's revival run at the Garrick Theatre

I always watch out for Christopher Hampton and feel as though I have not seen enough of his plays on stage. There are three to choose from at the moment so I can redress the balance.

This play doesn't work at all if the timing is wrong and the audience is dead. Happily all things were in place tonight. Motto of the play - Better the devil you know than the devil that has nothing interesting to know. That sounds a bit hard on Patrick but he is played so well that his lack of colour is entertaining in itself. Forget any thoughts you may have about Laurence in 'Lewis' e really is very funny and has more than one dimension!

Kris Marshall was rather sexy but we all love a brute if we're not living with him, don't we?

Thoroughly enjoyed this production.