04 March 2007

An Oak Tree by Tim Crouch

Hypnotist - Tim Crouch
Father - Janet McTeer

Directed by Tim Crouch, Karl James & a smith with the sound designed by Peter Gill.

Seen on the last night of it's run at the Soho Theatre

I have been very nervous that one of my absolute faves might have done a stint in this but it is impossible to know in advance. As it turned out I think I was really lucky. Janet is an amazing actress and I had inadvertantly sat in the second row, behind her seat. Her shoulders are beyond broad and she looks like a fully articulated, cantilevered building.

A conundrum. I was aware that the playtext was for sale but it would have been madness to buy and read before the performance. It relied on the audience not really knowing what to expect. However, I was itching to see if every word uttered was scripted (and it pretty much was) because it seemed so fresh. Tim reminds me of Mark Ravenhill with slightly less ego intervention. He is confident and boundlessly charming but there is a gentle vulnerability about him and if you burrow deep enough to find his eyes they are full of mischievous passion.

The premise is inspired. Apparently a comedy but in fact a hopelessly heart wrenching search for resolution.

Far too clever for me to go into detail now.......

Celeb in the audience: Stephen Moyer