10 February 2007

Man of Mode by George Etherege

Dormiant - Tom Hardy
Medley - Bertie Carvel
Handy - Thomas Goodridge
Young Bellair - Amit Shah
Old Bellair - Madhav Sharma
Lady Towlney - Shelly King
Emilia - Abby Ford
Mrs Loveit - Nancy Carroll
Belinda - Hayley Atwell
Pert - Penny Ryder
Harriet - Amber Agar
Lady Woodvill - In dira Joshie
Busy - Sharon Maharaj
Sir Fopling Flutter - Rory Kinnear
Foggy Nan - Sarah Annis
Barman - Tim Lewis
Assistant at Loveit's shop - Lizzie Winkler
Customers at Loveit's shop - Meryl Fernandes, Sheena Irving, Lorraine Stewart
John Trott - Peter Caulfield
La Tour - Jamie Bradley
Driver - Ralph Birtwell
Photographer - Mark Tinter
Mr Smirk - Neil D'Souza

Directed by Nicholas Hytner
Designed by Vicki Mortimer

In it's 2007 run at the glorious Olivier O42

Rory Kinnear is magnificent and the audience loved him. It actually much easier to do that OTT stuff (a bit like Charles Surface) but he still wore it well. The costumes and sets were glorious. Mrs Loveit’s red dress could not have effectively be worn by many people but Nancy looked amazing. Tom Hardy is a beautiful thing. He’s so relaxed and despite his annoying boyishness he is sexy, Bertie was naughy which adds to my respect for his repertoire. Fantastic choreography and music during the scene changes – one of which got an applause.

Celeb in the audience : Mark Gatiss