10 February 2007

Happy Days by Samuel Beckett

Winnie - Fiona Shaw
Willie - Tim Potter

Directed by Deborah Warner
Set Designed by Tom Pye

In it's short 2007 run at the Cottesloe E15

So much to thrill in this. It is impossible to take your eyes off Fiona, lost as she is in a barren rocky landscape. She had a big black bag like mine, full of things. Sam Shepherd and his daughter? were in the audience in house seats so near my standby.

It’s very bright when you first go in. Not great for my eyes and I was quite near the front (immediately behind the cheap seats) so I had to adjust to the glare. It certainly gave the impression of arid inescapable desert. I was amused that to pass some time she hummed the tune to the Archers at the start of the day. I wonder I that was in Beckett’s original text.

They played the Happy Days (Fonz)theme as we went into the interval.

Overwhelmingly delightful.

Celeb in the audience : Sam Shepherd