25 November 2009

Enron by Lucy Prebble

News Reporter - Gillian Budd
Lehman Brother, Trader - Peter Caulfield
Security Office.Trader - Howard Charles
Claudia Roe - Amanda Drew
Congresswoman, Business Analyst, Irene Grant - Susannah Fellows
Arthur Anderson, Trader - Stephen Fewell
Lehman Brother, Trader - Tom Godwin
Andy Fastow - Tom Goodman-Hill
Trader- Andrew Corbett
Lou Pai, Senator - Orion Lee
Hewitt, News Reporter, Prostitute - Eleanor Matsuura
Ken Lay - Tim Pigott-Smith
Ramsay, Trader - Ashley Rolfe
Jeffrey Skilling - Samuel West
Lawyer, Trader - Trevor White
Daughter - Gabby Willcocks

Director Rupert Goold
Designer Anthony Ward

Seen at the Royal Court downstairs.

Powerful stuff, beautifully presented. Read the reviews as I have nothing to add.