19 August 2009

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Barnado/1st Gravedigger - David Burke
Francisco/Fortinbras/4th Player - Alan Turkington
Marcellus/3rd Player/2nd Gravedigger - Henry Pettigrew
Horatio - Matt Ryan
Claudius - Kevin R McNally
Osric - Ian Drysdale
Laertes - Alex Waldmann
Polonious - Ron Cook
Gertrude- Penelope Wilton
Hamlet - Jude Law
Ophelia - Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Ghost/Player King - Peter Eyre
Reynaldo - Sean Jackson
Rosencrantz - Sean Jackson
Guildenstern - Gwilym Lee
Player Queen - Jenny Funnell
Cornelius/Captain/Priest - Harry Attwell
Members of the Court - Faye Winter/Colin Haigh/James Le Feuvre

DIrected by Michael Grandage
Designed by Christopher Oram

Seen during the Donmar's West End run at the Wyndham's Theatre

Once again, my notes seem to have been lost but I remember finding this a fun production.