19 May 2009

Tunnel 228, A Punchdrunk production

I'm going to put a bunch of reviews & blogs in here to best serve this piece as everyone gets something different from it depending upon how dirty you are prepared to get. A pair of surgical gloves would have been as useful as the gauze mask we were given at the door.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get into a couple of the rooms - one due to lack of response and the other due to lack of tenacity on my part (though I caught a sneaky look when he opened the door for someone in front of me). I can't complain since it was free but I would like to have experienced a bit more performance. Some of the installations were remarkable so I'm going to include a picture or two. Was it just me or did anyone else find it easier to see in the dark after removing the mouth mask?

The Guardian, The Independent, there is quite a detailed account in Victor E's reply to the WEW's blog entry and I would concur with this blog. If you pitch up, they'll let you in. That said, it's nigh on impossible to know which days it's open at what times as I was one of the last to go in on my day, whereas other days went well into the evening. I also feel that I was short changed by being late in the day. I think some of the set pieces had packed up and gone to the pub soon after 6pm. There's another blog here.