15 April 2008

Shoot, Get Treasure, Repeat
Double Bill by Mark Ravenhill

Fear and Misery
Harry - Joseph Millson
Olivia - Joanna Riding
Soldier - Burn Gorman
Alex - Lewis Lemprereur-Palmer

War and Peace
Soldier - Burn Gorman
Alex - Lewis Lemprereur-Palmer

Directed by Dominic Cooke
Designed by Nicki Brown

Performed in the soft area and the green room area of the bar at the Royal Court theatre.

It's interesting to see something performed in a space with which I am so familiar for it's customary use as a bar.

Fear and Misery transformed the soft area into a simply stylish dining area which immediately introduced the audience to the uptight unease of the dining couple as they discussed the welfare of their marriage and child. Very slick banter back and forth as the paranoia mounts. The introduction of the Soldier was wonderfully creepy and I later discovered that revelation was a different experience depending upon whereabouts in the audience you were standing (or for the more agile, squatting & kneeling)

We stood next to Mark Ravenhill and Dominic moved in the shadows of the pillars behind.

War and Peace moved us like a promenade to what is often used as a Green Room. An ante-chamber left in it's original state when gleaned from the underground train part of the reclaimed space. The Soldier visits Alex in his bed and you would go a long way to find a more accomplished performance from a young boy under such intimate circumstances.

A very special evening.