22 February 2008

The Homecoming by Harold Pinter

Max - Kenneth Cranham
Lenny - Nigel Lindsay
Sam - Anthony O'Donnell
Joey - Danny Dyer
Teddy - Neil Dudgeon
Ruth - Jenny Jules

Directed by Michael Attenborough
Designed by Jonathan Fensom

This production seen on a last minute return at the Almeida seat A9

I have seen several productions of this piece and it seems different every time. I loved all of the cast though the weakest link was Jenny Jules. That's a shame because Pinter's women are so interesting and powerful. I felt this opportunity was somewhat lost tonight. I don't remember what I have seen Anthony O'Donnell doing before but he was wonderful as the uncle. Ken was gloriously grotesque and the sons were so diverse and well formed. They all worked so well together.