20 October 2007

Emperor Jones by Eugene O'Neill

Native Woman - Corinne Skinner Carter
Henry Smithers, a trader - John Marquez
Brutus Jones - Paterson Joseph
Witch Doctor - Dwayne Barnaby
Lem - Yemi Goodman-Ajibade
Ensemble - Adrian Chrostopher, Olivette Cole- Wilson, Brooks Livermore, Rex Obano, Daniel Poyser, Leroy Ricardo-Jones, Jonathan Taylor

Directed by Thea Sharrock
Designed by Robin Don

Seen during it's short run at The Olivier G17

Once a sun-god, now an emperor, Paterson Joseph seems to be in his element and once again, gave so much energy and spectacle. I can't imagine what this would have been link in it's earlier staging. Wonderful piece, fantastically presented.

I have no idea how much the rest of the cast were paid but they walked on for no more than five minutes and there were around 28 of them who I am not going to list anytime soon.