22 September 2007

A Disappearing Number by Simon McBurney

The cast includes: David Annen; Firdous Bamji; Paul Bhattacharjee; Hiren Chate; Saraj Chaudhry; Divya Kasturi; Chetna Pandya; Saskia Reeves and Shane Shambhu.

Conceived and Directed by Simon McBurney
Devised by the Company
Original Music Nitin Sawhney
Design Michael Levine

Seen at the erstwhile London home of Complicite - The Barbican Theatre - E8
Saw Simon himself wandering around pre-show but nobody else caught my eye

I wouldn't usually list a load or reviews but this is a complicated piece and it's good to see the critics point of view. In a staging that felt like a cross between Robert Lepage and Katie Mitchell. So hard to describe and do justice.


Jasper Rees - The Sunday Times, 2 September 2008

For Simon McBurney, Complicite`s artistic director, this is more than just a tale of two boffins.
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Nikita Lalwani - New Statesman, 23 August 2007

With touching emotion and unnerving disquietude, A Disappearing Number forces the spectator to consider the facts of love, death and belonging, within the space of his or her own personal universe.
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Brian Logan - The Times, 20 August 2007

This is very much Complicite territory: echoes through time, connections across worlds. In McBurney`s hands, mathematical sequences become journeys through life, and numerology a means of giving substance to the unknowable.
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Sarah Hemming - Financial Times, 28 July 2007

One morning in 1913 the Cambridge mathematician G.H. Hardy opened an unexpected letter from India. It was crammed with wild mathematical theorems...
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Michael Billington - Guardian, 12th September 2007

Maths, mysticism and mortality combine in Complicite's latest mind-expanding show conceived and directed by Simon McBurney....
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