07 August 2006

Sunday in the Park with George by James Lapine & Stephen Sondheim

George - Daniel Evans
Dot/Marie - Jenna Russell
Old Lady/Blair Daniels - Gay Soper
Nurse/Mrs/Harriet Pawling - Joanna Redman
Jules/Bob Greenberg – Simon Green
Yvonne/Naomi Eisen - Liza Sadvoy
Boatman/Dennis - Alasdair Harvey
Soldier/Alex - Christopher Colley
Celeste 1/Elaine - Sarah French Ellis
Celeste2/Silent Artist - Kaisa Hammarlund
Mr/Charles Redmond - Mark McKreacher
Louis/Billy Webster - Ian McLarnon
Franz/Lee Randolph - Steven Kynman
Frieda/Betty - Anna Lowe
Louise - Lauren Calpin/etc

Directed by Sam Buntrock
Designed by David Farley

at the Wyndham's on a Monday night sitting behind David Tennant

I had my reservations about seeing this because the original production was one of the most magical theatrical experiences I had ever witnessed.

I cannot find fault with this production. I preferred the original way in which the Chromalome was handled and I suspect that was due to lesser technology at the time, ironically.

Simply beautiful performances from Daniel and Jenna. A superb evening.

Celeb in the audience : David Tennant