30 March 2006

A Man for all Seasons - By Robert Bolt

The Common Man - Tony Bell
Sir Thomas Moore - Martin Shaw
RIchard Rich - Gregory Fox-Murphy
Duke of Norfolk - Paul Shelley
Alice - Alison Fiske
Margaret - Sophie Shaw
Wolsey - Brian Poyser
Cromwell - Clive Carter
Henry VIII - Daniel Flynn
William Roper - John Sackville
Signore Chapuys - Clive Kneller
Directed by Michael Rudman
Designer - Paul Farnsworth

The Theatre Royal Haymarket during the last week of it's run.

One of the more accessible plays about such a fraught period in English history and this production makes it every bit as tactile as an episode of CSI.

The lines just slide from the tongues of these consummate professionals. The clean, clever design of the set just serves to distill this tale of uncompromising faith in one's own conscience into something pure and definitive.

Beautiful performances and confident direction. A complete joy.